RF Hill Amateur Radio Club Gives Back – Repairing the Meeting Place

March 29th, 2014 – RF Hill Amateur Radio Club – W3AI, of Perkasie, Pennsylvania, gives back to the community today by helping out the Township and other organizations that use the meeting place by repairing and cleaning the Old Hilltown School building located in Blooming Glen. RF Hill Amateur Radio Club members came out to help repair and fix various aspects of the lighting system and cleaned various rooms of the building.

RF Hill ARC Members - 2014-03-29

We would like to extend our thanks to the following members for coming out and taking time out of their weekend to repair and clean the meeting place:

Charles Schmell, KS3Z

John Morrell, KB3EWV

Jesse Hagey, N3RSG

Jerry Keller, K3BZ

Ross Crawford, KB3HRP

Christopher Zenzel, NS3W

Thank you to all the members who came out and supported this project to help give back to the community.

On behalf of the RF Hill Amateur Radio Club – Thank you and 73s,

Christopher Zenzel, NS3W

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